In 2010, we are visited the United Kingdom. We heard the story of two founders and close friends, Harold Graham and Henry Brown, who inspired new designs. We discovered that a house became more stylish by decorating the walls, that were considered quite drab up to that time. For over seventy-three years, G&B have been constantly inspiring through creative and exciting designs, that make homes more beautiful and cosy.

Because of their unique design features, ND Decor selected and used G & B products to beautify all spaces for every project.

Currently, ND Decor officially distributes the Graham & Brown products as “Cool Brand” which, for seven years in a row, were voted as one of the UK's leading wallpaper companies. In addition to wallpaper, Graham & Brown have expanded to include artwork, wall paintings, painting art, pictures and high-end furniture.

In Vietnam, ND Decoration is an experienced consulting and supplying company of Graham & Brown products. It provides the highest and best quality products in interior design.


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